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Marshal’s Badge

~ Kickstarter edition ~

Upgrade the cardboard First Player Token in the base game with a 2" metal Dethelm Marshals Badge with pin back. Pass it around the table or assert your authority by wearing it on your chest.


The Dethelm Marshals are the only arm of the law on the frontier. The Marshals were established a year after the Midland Army’s initial invasion of the Cascan Territories and the formation of the Dethelm Frontier. They are masters of fieldcraft and small unit tactics. The badges they wear are identifiers, but also deterrents to any who might try to test their luck. People often refer to the badge as a “License to Kill”. Don’t get caught wearing this badge if you aren’t willing to back it up!


Note: the Marshals Badge is already included in the Shadow Governors Pledge.



Ships within 1-2 Business Days.

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