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Stocked with nothing but the rarest wares, our otherworldly products are imported in limited quantities.

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Welcome to the first Bantam Shop in all of Earth Realm, finally bridging the gap between our realm and theirs. For the first time since our crowdfunding campaign in 2021, our physical products are available again in limited quantities. We’ve imported these crafted goods with meticulous care, and this is your final chance to get them straight from the source.

Secure your own piece of our history before it’s gone!

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Bantam West Kickstarter Edition

Bantam West is an ITS adventure board game for 1-4 players. Begin life anew as one of four Deadly Strangers who all just arrived in the outlaw town of Gallow Springs. Work, fight, build, and burn to become the most Notorious. It’s time to tell your own story.

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