Game Trayz

~ Kickstarter edition ~

This convenient organization and storage solution is custom-designed for Bantam West. This upgrade makes the game setup LESS than 5 minutes and helps keep the game organized after clean-up. These come with 4 x Player Trays, 1 x Store Tray, 1 x Resource Tray, and 1 x Base Tray.

Game Trayz offers amazing after-market board game storage solutions. The game designer, Ike Brunicardi, uses the Bantam West Game Trayz with his own personal copy, complete with Metal Coins and Dethelm Marshals Badge.

⚠️ Warning: Do not buy this if you plan on sleeving your cards. These Game Trays do not fit sleeved cards or the Terrain Upgrade: Cabins!! If you purchased the Game Trays after the KS Campaign during this sale, all sales are final. ⚠️



Ships within 1-2 Business Days.

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  • Add Ons
    Metal Coins
  • Add Ons
    Marshal’s Badge
  • Add Ons
    Terrain Upgrade: Cabins
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    Dead Settler’s Map

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