Bantam West

~ Kickstarter edition ~

Bantam West, an ITS adventure board game for 1-4 players, unfolds in Western town of Gallow Springs. Play as one of four Deadly Strangers on their first day in town, as they work, fight, build and burn to become the most Notorious.

This is the first game to use Bantam Planet’s unique ITS System (short for Immersive Tabletop Simulator), which grants you and your friends total freedom in a Western sandbox to craft legendary tales and memorable experiences.

Note: Home on the Range does not include the add-on extras. If you want Cabin Minis, Marshals Badge, and Metal Coins, opt-in for the deluxe Shadow Governor Pledge!

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“Ohh, what a deal! Be sure to get your own copy, and I’ll be seeing you in Gallow Springs…”